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HLF Preserves Lexington Façades


A substantial bequest from Robert S. Johnson established an endowment that offers grants of up to $2,000 to commercial establishments proposing to restore or improve their downtown storefronts. The grants can be used to repoint mortar, repair and replace chimneys, cornices, windows and gutters, as well as to repaint exterior elements. The fund encourages preservation techniques and materials that repair rather than replace original elements such as windows and mortar. Johnson grants are matched by the city of Lexington and can cover as much as 25% of overall project costs.

The photo above shows the steeple of Lexington's historic First Baptist Church, which the Foundation helped protect by repainting in 2014. Here are some of the other façade restorations that have been supported by Johnson grants.

bear bldg facade.jpg

Facades that have benefited from HLF's Johnson grants: Top left, The Palms; center, McCampbell Inn (part of The Georges); right, Campbell House (headquarters of the Rockbridge Historical Society). Below: Left, work in 2014 on the iconic Alexander-Withrow House; the c. 1828 Bear Building, now Lexington Real Estate Connection; fanlight, Campbell House.

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