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Black Heritage

Oral History
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Faces of black individuals featured

HLF published two volumes of interview transcripts with elders of the African American communityThe House on Fuller Street (2013) and Return to Fuller Street (2020), both by Beverly Tucker, former HLF president, with illustrations by Bruce Macdonald.

Click below to read some of those interviews, or here for more information on the books.

Antebellum Slave Dwellings
in Northern Rockbridge
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The legacy of slavery is one of Historic Lexington Foundation's key themes—with a focus on structures, in keeping with the Foundation's mission. HLF and the Brownsburg Museum, a small but creative and energetic north Rockbridge association, jointly organized a research project and tour of slave dwellings in that area.

Here are the reports on five dwellings and their occupants.

Castle Carberry (also known as Verdant Acres)

Castle Carberry (also known as Verdant Acres)

Mulberry Grove

Oakbourne, also known as the McChesney farm

Sleepy Hollow
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